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*~You never know just how you look through other peoples eyes~*

My dreams are usually filled with you but last night was different…you weren’t there…but I felt your presence and that was enough for this what acceptance feels I finally letting go?


You love me one day and hate me the next just because you’re unsure about your feelings doesn’t mean I have to act like or be unsure of mine. You act like others hold you back when in reality you hold yourself back and you always have but instead of taking blame for your own life you put it on the people who love you the most…sometimes I really wished I never fell in love with you because I never feel like its being returned you can’t tell someone not to move on then continue to break them…why are you so cruel to me

A little something I made the other day

A little something I made the other day

Everything inside me
Craves you
I can’t move on
I see you in my dreams
I feel you touching me at night
Whispering your sweet nothings
I don’t know what to do